The feeling of loss and dread, the chaos, the despair of the present time, the crisis of anxiety, the void, seems to scream out loud and everywhere: Where to now?
It is based on this question that concerns many current issues (and at various levels and nuances) that Novas FrequĂȘncias has conceptually organized itself for the In/Out Festival. Our two programming proposals for the event deal directly with the subject and work as a pilot, a teaser experience, for something wider at the end of the year during the 11th edition of Novas FrequĂȘncias Festival, scheduled to happen in December 2021.
A mismatch of situations experienced and not understood and that bewilder the human being, the labyrinth is one of the perfect representations - if not the best - of the feeling of being lost (and, at the same time, of finding oneself).
Created by music artists Deafbrick (Brazil/UK), Duma (Kenya) and Simon Grab (Switzerland) and visual artist and programmer Genesys (Brazil), Roam is a meta-labyrinth: a first person 3D game shaped maze composed of approximately 50 references of labyrinths taken from cinema, poetry, visual arts, philosophy, society, popular culture and mythology. The goal is to find the artists' music scattered and hidden in the game's architecture. And to get lost.
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